Testimonial 5

Only thing that cures my Insomnia. Jason’s approach is stellar.

Testimonial 4

I’ve been treated by Jason for several years now, and would urge anyone considering trying acupuncture for the first time or looking for a change to make an appointment asap. Like many newcomers to acupuncture I had no idea what to expect and frankly was...

Testimonial 1

Jason really takes the time to listen and tune in to what my mind body and spirit need.  He takes the time to explain and answer all my questions.  I have gone to him for a year now and he has never missed a point, always on target.  Afterwords I feel rested and...

Testimonial 2

Jason takes the time to listen and take in your entire story (physical and emotional). He’s curious, gentle and respectful. The acupuncture treatments with him have always helped my problem get better. I highly recommend Jason.

Testimonial 3

I went to Jason upon recommendation from a friend. He was highly attentive, listened very closely to what I had to say and took the time to understand my individual needs. I saw him pre-pregnancy and throughout my pregnancy and found the treatments, effective,...